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Dress Style


Checkout different ways in which you can slay with your dresses in school

Wearing what fits you to school is something a lot of our ladies find hard to figure out because they don't want to over do or over do it, and it also determines how you would be addressed by others. Not to worry, the pictures below will help you out.

the university environment is a challenging place to be in because you will see different people with different behaviors, characters and lifestyle, and if you're the type that gets carried away by flashy things then you've got a serious problem. A lot of ladies,when they enter university, they might be so naive and timid because of the environment they came from but before finishing, you will find out that they are now a different person. Most times its best if you can just dress the way your budget would not really be affected and not try to fake an expensive life because you see people wearing expensive clothes.

so you have to know the type of clothes that fits your body shape and structure, then know the type of dresses that are acceptable in your school so you don't go and purchase the type of clothes that are prohibited in the school. Know what top to go with which skirt or trouser, and don't over mix colors and be modest in your dressing. Because they say the way you're dressed is the way you would be addressed. Thank you!!❤ 😊

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