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13 Ways to Style Your Natural Hair

13 Ways to Style Your Natural Hair

There are many ways to style your natural hair. Infact, you can still achieve this style even if you don't have natural hair. The key is to get the right weavon and extensions.

What is a Natural hairstyle?

A natural hair style, as the name implies, are those styles we make out of the hair which grows out from our scalp.

What is Natural Hair?

I usually see people who make arguments as to which hair is natural or not. To clear the air, natural hair is that hair which has not been altered by chemicals in any form.

Once any sort of chemical like texturizers or relaxer has been applied, it's no longer natural hair. So, don't be deceived by all these vendors who try to convince you into buying texturizers, telling you it won't permanently stretch or relax your hair. Their job is to sell you products, most of them have no knowledge of these things.

What are the examples of natural hairstyles?

There are numerous hairstyles you can achieve with natural hair. The good thing about this is that they're so versatile and can be changed into other styles, all at your own convinience. We have the mowhawk, high puff, Bantu knots, double strand twist, flat twists, ponytails, weaves, twist-outs, Halo braids and so on.

I've compiled 13 photos on natural hairstyles you can try out, all for your viewing pleasure.

High Puff

Low puff with front and side frills

High Pineapple Bun

Twist-outs with subtle golden Highlights

Messy Bun

Curly Wash-and-go

Mowhawk Style with Side Bantu Knots

High Ponytail with loose braids

Halo Braid

High Bun

High Pineapple Bun

Assymetrical style Flat twists

Loosely-made Flat Twists

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Photo credits: Glamour, therighthairstyles

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