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4 Big Fashion Statement Pieces You Need

When you make a fashion statement, it means you are stylish in a bold way. It often involves wearing clothing items and accessories that draw attention. For instance, a big fashion statement is wearing green, red, yellow, and orange colors together. People can't help but stare at you. You may even see people who will walk up to you and give you some compliments or criticize you. But it doesn't matter what attention your outfits get you. As long as you are comfortable in them, you will look beautiful.

With that said, there should be at least one fashion statement in your dressing. Wearing one fashion statement piece can notch up your style and differentiate it from a pool of others'. These fashion pieces are not expensive, and you can quickly get them in stores around you. Keep reading to learn about these fashion accessories.

A scarf

Whether it's silk or cotton, a scarf is an excellent addition to your style. The unique ways to use a scarf include on your head, around your neck, and on your bag. You may also use it to hold your jeans instead of a belt.

Leg chain 

A leg chain helps to beautify the legs and make you more attractive. Add this to your outfit when you wear a mini skirt, shorts, midi gown, or short gown.


Like an anklet, a bracelet accentuates your wrist. It is a valuable accessory if you don't paint your nails or have a wristwatch.

Statement belts

Aside from the usual trousers belt, you should have at least one statement belt. Statement belts include colorful belts, polka dots belts, and belts with animal skin. Using this with a gown or jacket immediately changes your dressing. 

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