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10 Mistakes You Should Avoid If You Want To Look Great In Pictures.

Selfie is not just about having a phone, opening the camera app and clicking the snap pad or button, sometimes taking selfies can also be a whole lot of deal especially if you want a perfect one. Though most of these methods and style of taking a photo are directed to girls, probably because they are the ones that take pictures the most between the two genders based on the fact that they are interested in how and what people think about them. With further do, here are 10 mistakes you should avoid If you want to look great In pictures especially for the ladies.

Put Your Chin Forward

Do Not Cross Your Arms

Watch Your Postures

Change The Angle

Turn Your Torso

Pay Attention to Where you put your arms

Create Visual lines

Combine Straight and Curved lines

Avoid baggy clothes

Don't Show Your elbows

Imitate Touching

Emphasize your face.

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