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Beauty is not in complexion:Between Adesua Etomi and Charity Eke who is more beautiful?

Yes! The headline had given you the gist. But the main treasure lies in the context of this article.

What is your definition of beauty? Your definition of beauty is how you reflect and relate to it. Beauty is not just an outward appearance or look,neither did it end only in looking good, gorgeous and attractive.

Yes, Adesua is a light skinned beautiful young lady in Nollywood. She had starred and featured in some movies which had won the heart of movie fans.

Like Adesua Etomi,you could be a light skinned lady or guy,you might be fair in complexion,very attractive and good looking but are you really beautiful?

Certain controversies had been raised on the issue of Adesua Etomi and other celebrities,and I wonder if it is necessary.

Adesua is beautiful because she was able to maintain, value and cherish what she had. She was naturally born as a fair lady,and she so much cherished it.

Many young people wants to imitate one model or another in the aspect of appearance and facial looks. This had led some into having a cosmetic surgery while others make use of creams which contains hydroquinone that is so harmful to your skin. Exposing your delicate skin to ultra violet ray from the sun thereby making it more likely for you to have a damaged skin and skin cancer.

Beauty begins from the mind,when you believe you are beautiful,then you are truly beautiful. Nevertheless,it has to do with the way you take care of yourself.

Your complexion do not limit you in any way. Even if you are black,white,fair,dark, light,etc.

Below are some pictures of the light skinned Adesua Etomi.

Charity Eke Faani (Cha Cha).

Let me tell you a small story. My mother gave birth to six children,we all are light skinned or fair in complexion as you might decide to call it but someone was exceptional in my home when it comes to skin colour.

That was my sister,she is dark in complexion. I have a light skinned father and a light skinned mother but a dark skinned sister appeared from nowhere. But something was unique about that; people always comment that she is the most beautiful amongst us(her siblings).

At first it seems as if they were just ranting but do you know it is true. Why? Beauty is not all about my look,I didn't believe and still won't believe that someone is more good looking than I am because I understood that everyone is uniquely made.

How you value your looks and appearance and maintain it will determine how good looking you will be. Most guys have bald head, therefore they don't make a haircut like their counterparts,yet they have a suitable haircut that makes them look attractive.

ChaCha Eke Faani is a Nigerian actress, so talented and gifted. She had featured in different movies and unarguably one of the most beautiful faces of Nollywood.

I really cherish her because she valued what she had. ChaCha Eke might not be fair in complexion but she is beautiful. A very beautiful queen.

See some of these dark skinned beauty queen below.

Couldn't she had used some whitening cream to enhance her colour or rather go for a cosmetic surgery. But she stood by her natural endowment.

ChaCha Eke is beautiful just as Adesua Etomi is also beautiful. But,don't you think ChaCha is more pretty than the light skinned queen - Adesua Etomi?

I see some young people using some harmful cosmetics just to change their skin colour. Don't be the first to discrimate your colour,if you can value it, people will also do same.

Take to the comment section below to err your views and opinions. Tell us who think is more beautiful between the light skinned Adesua Etomi and the dark skinned ChaCha Eke Faani.

There are still other fair beauty queens like Nancy Isime,oh! What a beautiful queen indeed and also dark queens like Chioma Akpotha,she is a role model.

Therefore both the light skinned and dark skinned can be unlimited. Value yourself!

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