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Convert your Pegs into "Peg earrings" and sell for 170,000 naira.

Convert your Pegs into "Peg earrings" and sell for 170,000 naira. 

There are some certain things you don't know the value of, things we refer to as ordinary things are now very expensive, this is not an advertisement I just want you to know that there is a particular something we refer to as ordinary peg that are very expensive when converted into earrings.

Items needed if you want to convert your Pegs to earrings. 

1. A lot of Pegs (get as much as many pegs that will be enough to produce the required amount of earrings you want) 

2. Bendable Industrial pins 

All need to do is to take the pegs and some piece of convertable industrial pins then convert the pins to earring hook attach it to the hard side of the Pegs and that is it you have created the peg earrings. See photos of the earrings peg below. 

If you have any question, Leave a comment below like and share. thank you for reading. 

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