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Natural ways to rejuvenate your skin in a week


If you're like me who will opt for anything natural when it comes to skin care and beauty (and because beauty products are way expensive) this article is for you.

Skin types range from dry, to oily, normal, sensitive and a combination skin type. Wondering which one are you? Here:

*Dry skin: Your skin feels tight and parched.

*Oily skin: Your T-Zone is oily

*Sensitive skin: Your skin easily turns red and itchy.

*Normal skin: Your skin is neither too oily nor dry.

*Combination skin: Your T-Zone is greasy, but your cheeks and jaw are dry.

If you're trying to improve on your skin, then follow these simple everyday skin care routine:

1. DRINK A LOT OF WATER: I know you're tired of hearing this, I am too. It seems like it doesn't work but be consistent and watch the change. You might want to drink a glass of water in the morning first as it keeps you hydrated, controlling the production of serum which is responsible for oily skin and acne.

2. EAT HEALTHY: Carrots! A lot of carrots work wonders. Carrot is one of the best wonder workers when investing in your skin. Eat a lot of carrots with enough water and watch the magic happen in days.


4. RINSE YOUR FACE DAILY: A lot of people are doing this wrong. Take note that rinsing your face doesn't have to be done in excess; it only has to be done twice a day. When your skin is too dry; it produces excess serum to make up for itself which leads to too much oil in the skin.

How to rinse your face: First with warm water as it opens up your pores to let the bacteria out, then with cold water to close it back up. You can apply a cleanser and moisturizer afterwards to keep the face from drying. Always dab your face with a paper towel. DO NOT RUB, as it can irritate the skin and spread oil on your face.

Invest in black soaps and organic oils for overall skin health. In my next article, I'd be talking on how to make natural and cheap face masks for a glowing skin.

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