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Foods That Can Help You To Prevent Premature White Hair

It is obvious that all of us will develop or grow white ( grey) hairs later in life. It is a sign of aging but unfortunately some people grow these hairs at a very young age. Sometimes you may even see children whose hairs are turning grey.

The reasons for these premature grey hairs are heredity, vitamin B12 deficiency, stress and smoking. Apart from heredity which cannot be altered, the rest of the causes are under our control. So if you don't want to grow grey hairs early in life, eat these foods.

1. Red Meat.

Red meat is a very good source of vitamin B12. Deficiency of this vitamins causes premature grey hairs.

2. Organ meat.

Liver and kidneys of ram, sheep,goat, and cow are good sources of vitamin B12. This vitamin is essential in preventing premature grey hairs in people. Even if you have developed grey hairs prematurely, eating these foods will help to reverse them.

3. Eggs.

Eggs are also another source of vitamin B12. It also contains vitamin A, which also will help to give you a healthier skin.

4. Dairy products.

Milk, cheese and yoghurt are important diary products. They are also rich sources of vitamin B12.

5. Fortified cereals.

Some cereals have been fortified with vitamin B12. If you take these fortified cereals, you will also get vitamin B12.

6. If you don't want to get premature grey hairs, while taking foods that are rich in vitamin B12, avoid smoking and try to reduce stress.

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