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Style Guide: 5 Essential Tips Guiding Brooches

By now, you should already know how attractive and royalty brooches are on clothes. Like other accessories, they help you elevate your style in a simple and non-gravitating way. From placing your brooch on the left-hand side of your blouse to the neckline of your dress, there are numerous ways to pull off a great look with your brooches. 

Nonetheless, it is vital to follow some tips. These hacks can help you get the best out of your brooches and appear more attractive. Continue reading this article to learn the tips guiding brooches.

Go bold

Don't be afraid to turn heads with your brooches. The more elaborate and outstanding the design of your brooch is, the more admirable you will look.

Don't match your brooch and clothes

The basic rule of matching colors doesn't work with brooches. Your brooches are more highlighted if they contrast with your fabric. 

Pair black with bright color 

Your dark brooches will be more noticeable with bright-colored clothes. On the other hand, silver or bright-colored brooches look good with dark outfits.

Check your cloth fabric

When you use brooches on lightweight material, they tend to slouch and drape, disfiguring your outfit look. Therefore, ensure your fabric can endure the weight of your brooch for as long as it's necessary.

Use your brooches in the cluster 

One unique styling tip for using brooch is to use them in clusters on clothes, ears, and hats. Meanwhile, remember that less is more. Using more brooches can become too heavy for your clothes to manage. Worse still, they can damage the fabric of your clothes.

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