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How To Cut-Up And Re-Style Your Plain T-Shirt With Just Scissors

Remember the days of tie dye and cut up tees at Secondary School without using a sewing machine and still arrive at an amazing design? Well, Have decided to bring back good old memories as I I'm going to share with you two amazing ways to cut up tees and wear them even during outings. 

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One of the most important things to remember when cutting up T-shirts is to constantly try them on while cutting. You may think something is too short or wide on a table but once you put it on your body things change. Use you body to help mark how low you should cut the neckline and mark it with colored chalk. White tees are not the only tees that deserve this treatment. Scour your closet for old concert t-shirts that you never wear and give them a new look.


1: Geometry + fashion = yes please!

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Tools + Materials:

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Geometric Cut-Out


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Grab your scissors and cut off the neck, sleeves, and bottom seam. Fold the bottom half up about two inches and cut out triangle shapes. Unfold to reveal diamond cut-outs.

This tee pairs well with a high-waisted skirt or a body con dress. Play up the geometric vibe with a fun necklace.

2: We are updating the twisted tie tee with a little bare-shoulder action.


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Tools + Materials:

– white tee

– scissors

Yes, scissors is all you will need for this tee.


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Cut off the neckline and trim off the hems on the arm bands. Cut a half circle on each of the shoulder seams. Cut two long oval shapes on the bottom of the tee and then remove the back half. These ovals are your new ties and will cinch in your tee.

Viola! Safe to say you’ll never wear a basic white tee again. These cut outs are perfect for the hot summer months.

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