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Skin Care

Effect Of Bleaching Cream On Your Kidney

Bleaching cream is one of the substances that can be used to lighten dark areas on your body or lighten your overall complexion.

A health publication from Healthline states that from a medical standpoint, there's no need for you to lighten your skin. Aside that, bleaching your skin with agents like bleaching cream can cause severe effects on various organs of your body and one of those organs that stands the risk of damage is your kidney.

How Bleaching Cream Affects Your Kidney

To understand this, you need to know how skin bleaching works. From a medical point of view, skin bleaching works by reducing the production and concentration of melanin (a pigment that determines your skin color) on the applied areas.

A number of bleaching creams and other products contain hydroquinone - a chemical which reduces the number of melanocytes in your skin.

One of the side effects of skin bleaching is nephrotic syndrome - which is a kidney disorder. As a result of using bleaching creams and other agents, the blood vessels in kidneys which are responsible for the filtration of waste and excess water get damaged.

Note that the blood vessels in your kidney have tiny holes that do not allow protein and other semi large substances to pass through them. As a result of the damage, protein eventually flows into your urine since the blood vessels can no longer prevent the passage of useful proteins from your body, as intended.

Using bleaching creams containing mercury can expose you to a high risk of kidney failure otherwise known as the nephrotic syndrome.

Signs of nephrotic syndrome include:

• Swelling around your eyes

• Your feet and ankles get swollen

• Foams in your urine

• Loss of appetite

• Tiredness

Above all, it is advisable to avoid skin bleaching, bleaching creams and other chemical lightening agents as the risks involved are greater that the assumed benefits.

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