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Skin Care

4 Healthy Fruits You Should Eat Instead of Using Bleaching Creams For A Glowing Skin

It’s a popular belief that beauty comes from within, so it isn't okay to just rely on creams and expensive portions for a radiant complexion. Instead of using bleaching creams which might have some side effects on your body over time, you might want to try out some of these natural fruits that are enriched with essential nutrients that will give your skin the glow it needs.

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These fruits are completely natural so you won't have to worry too much about side effects.


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Tomatoes are very effective because they contain the essential nutrients to make your skin healthy and radiant. Not only does tomatoes boost collagen to keep skin looking smooth and nice but they’re also high in lycopene that protect us against sun damage.


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Carrots contain antioxidants and vitamins. They can help turn back the aging clock by reversing the sun damage and combating hair loss. They are also high in vitamin A content and helps to regenerate skin cells by boosting collagen while vitamin C improves the blood circulation to the scalp for thicker and longer hair which makes you look younger than your age.


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Another healthy fruit you should eat instead of using bleaching creams is watermelon. Watermelon is a perfect summertime treat. Around 90% water, it keeps our skin hydrated and contains high levels of lycopene,which helps to prevent sunburn. You’ll need to eat three cups for it to be effective. For a clearer complexion and healthy skin, start taking more of watermelon.


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Ginger is a healing spice that can work wonderfully on our skin. It's antioxidant properties work to rejuvenate skin tone and texture while fighting the blemishes and age spots thereby giving your skin that nice look it deserves.

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