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3 Categories Of Outfits Mostly Worn During New Year Festivals

New Year festivals are usually held in different villages across Nigeria. Most times, people from other countries are invited to witness the occasion.

New Year festivals usually take three forms, and they are:

1. Women's celebration: The festival could be organized by women, and it could be done in such a way that only women would be allowed into the feast.

2. Youth celebration: if the meeting takes this form, it is only the young people that will be celebrated. Most of the time, the occasion usually witnesses dance, drama, talk shows, local wrestling, etc.

Our major focus in this article will be on the three major categories of outfits worn by women during festivals.

Outfits made with Senegalese attire: so many styles can be made from Senegalese materials. The reason why so many women prefer Senegalese materials is that they have a glowing quality that makes them appear beautiful on so many women.


2. Gowns made of Ankara fabrics, including both long and short gowns.

3.Tops and bottoms made with lace fabric.

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