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Fashion Introduced For Beginners

Fashion is not all about 'items of clothing. Whenever you approach a lame man and mention the term 'fashion', the first thing that may come to his mind is' dress, shoes or jewelry.

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However, fashion is way beyond that.

How do you define fashion?

Fashion is perceived as the dominant style of apparel or behaviour at any given time and is distinguished by change.

Fashion is a medium for which one's lifestyle or personality is expressed. It also incorporates everything about a person. How they walk, eat, and even socialize with other people circles around fashion.

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Also, it can cover areas like the choice of car, home decoration, furniture preference, kitchen arrangement, street style and office setup.

Fashion plays a big differentiate the following groups of people;

Social life: A nerd from a jock in a school setting

Occupation: A working-class individual from a secondary school student

Social status: A wealthy businessman from a humble farmer

Organization: A staff from a factory worker in a company.

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The list is endless.

Fashion is fleeting, which is one fascinating thing about it. It changes rapidly and constantly. New models, brands, and styles evolve consistently. The people's fashion in the 19th century is far different from the 21st century which is very obvious.

Tell us about your 'fashion' style.

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