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Three occasions to rock agbada

Agbada is a native wear of the Yorubas, and it is a three-piece wear, i.e. it includes a flowing robe with a wide sleeve, a long or short sleeve top and a trouser.

It's peculiar to the male folks only, especially Kings and chiefs in the olden days, as it commanded a lot of respect.

But nowadays, it is rocked by both genders (male and female). You can't put on agbada on every occasion.

Below are some of the occasions where agbada seems suitable, and they are:

1. Social gathering

Wedding ceremony, naming ceremony etc. are examples of occasions you can wear your agbada to.

2. Religious setting

You can also rock your agbada to the church, mosque etc., to worship God.

3. Academic setting

Some academic institutions allow students to wear agbada and a cap for presentations and defence. But they make it compulsory to wear a befitting cap on it. You can also wear it to class, for example, on Fridays to show your love for culture.

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Agbada Yorubas


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