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Use Aloe Vera on your face to get a flawless and glowing skin.

Aloe vera is a plant that has been around for ages and has been a medicine for a whole lot of people, some people apply it on their skin to treat different skin diseases, while others ingest it orally for different ailments.

Before we go further, i need to explain one important thing for you to note when extracting aloe vera gel, when you harvest the leaves, ensure you cut it up, and then wait for a few minutes to allow the yellow substance inside to flow out, and then wash this substance off before using your aloe vera gel on your face, this is mainly because this yellow substance is a poisonous substance that is likely to make your face tingly and itchy when applied to your face, and in other situations, some people who are allergic might develop rashes on their body after the application. 

I have an oily skin that is very prone to having pimples, and after trying all sorts of chemical remedies mixed with all forms of substances, I decided to go organic with aloe vera and honey and it worked wonders for my skin complexion. Follow this steps on your skin care journey to achieve a flawless skin.

You can get aloe vera from stores, but the most potent working aloe vera is the naturally extracted one planted, I have a potted Aloe Vera plant outside my house that I harvest and refrigerate whenever the need calls. The problem with store bought Aloe is that when it was scientifically tested it was found that the potent substances that helps the skin is not present in these products. I believe this is majorly because Aloe vera is very difficult to preserve, and in the process of them trying to preserve this plant, the preservatives used lowered the efficiency of the plant. So try to opt for the natural Aloe, as opposed to store bought ones, but if the natural one is unavailable, then by all means, you can manage the store bought products.

Aloe vera acts on the skin as a;

1. Skin moisturizer - Aloe vera helps to keep the skin moisturized and soft all day long and it also helps to unclog the skin pores, this is important because clogged up skin increases your chances of getting acne. It is also used as an aftershave product to help with cuts and dry and flaky skin.

2. Boosts healing of wounds and helps to clear acne spots- If you have my type of face, then whenever you get pimples, whether you pop it or not, your skin becomes raw and red, then after healing it ends up forming series of dark spots on your face, Aloe vera prevents that because Aloe helps to boost healing by penetrating your skin epidermis and speeds up cell regeneration eight times faster than normally. That is why you might have seen people use aloe vera to treat bruises and cuts. To increase the effectiveness of Aloe vera to help fight dark spots, you can mix it with lemon juice, but ensure you don't go out in the sun immediately after usage because citrus fruits are acidic and are photo sensitive (sensitive to sun burn).

3. Fights skin aging- Aloe vera contains a substance known as carotene that helps your skin to become smoother by fighting aging lines, and increasing the skin's elasticity by producing more collagen. Carotene is also present in carrot in abundance. A whole lot of people look younger than their age and what they won't tell you is that it take a whole lot more than good looks and genetics to maintain that flawless look, you also need to be persistent and relentless in your skin care routine, never leave your skin vulnerable and uncared for.

Now on how to effectively apply aloe vera for maximum benefits. 

 You can decide to mix your aloe vera with other skin care products like lemon juice or honey, depending on your preference, I normally mix mine with a few tablespoons of lemon juice and refrigerate it.

In the case of people that might be allergic to this product, take caution and apply it on your hands first to see if there is no adverse effects, if not then carry on.

Wash your face before applying this product to avoid mixing it with dirt and dry skin, then apply and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes and not more if you've just started applying it. Then rinse it off with soap and water. Repeat this procedure twice a day, once in the morning and before you go to bed for optimal results.

Follow and like this page for more tips for skincare routines. I hope this article helps you to glow radiantly whenever you step out with grace.

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