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Opinion: After reading this, you may consider growing your armpit hairs

Do you know that your armpit hairs can actually get you a mate? Read to the end

This generation believe that armpit hair, also called axillary hair is not supposed to be allowed to grow or accumulate so much on the underarm. Some believe that it is a sign of laziness and dirtiness if one allows armpit hair to grow. According to them, it is supposed to be shaved regularly. Some shave theirs every week, while some shave every month. Although it depends on the type of individual. Some people are hairy, which means that they have more hair and the hairs grow very fast, while some other persons are not and their hairs usually take time to grow after shaving.

This our generation may not understand the importance of armpit hair. Our grand and great-grandparents will understand better. In the olden days, our armpit serves the same purpose as our perfume these days. Then you don't need a sweet smelling perfume to get yourself a girlfriend or boyfriend as the case may be. Just grow your armpit and the rest will be a story. I'll explain better, just keep reading. But before we go deep to why we are here, let me tell you something about your armpit hair.

Armpit hair starts growing during maturity. It starts around the ages 10-12 and 11-14 for female and male respectively. The pituitary gland triggers a group of hormones which I'll mention at the comment section. These hormones cause the apocrine sweat glands to start functioning (the body has one other sweat gland: the eccrine, which is found in the palms and soles of the feet).

The apocrine sweat gland is associated with hair follicles in the axillary area.

As you get older, your hair goes through many changes. You have Lanugo hair when you are a baby, which soon changes to vellus hair in childhood. This vellus hair helps regulate body temperature.

However, once puberty sets in, the body hair transforms again. The vellus hairs now turn to terminal, which simply means that they become dark, thick and strong.

For everyone, sensitivities to a certain chemical levels which I'll mention in the comment section, also influence where terminal hair grows on the body. When more of these chemicals are produced, more areas will grow terminal hair, such as the legs, arms, chest, stomach, and feet.

It is worthy of note that it is abnormal for one to lack the ability to grow armpit hairs. If you lack the ability to grow armpit hairs, these are likely the cause

a. Diabetes

b. Kidney disease.

c. Asthma.

d. Abnormalities in the thyroid pituitary gland.

Also If you’ve had an underarm laser hair removal procedure done, the hair also won’t grow back for around 6 to 12 months, unless all treatments are completed.

Before I bring you the wonderful benefits of armpit hair, let me first show you the benefits of shaving your armpit hairs.

Benefits of shaving your armpit hairs.

When you heard benefits of shaving your armpit hairs, of course the first thing that came to your mind was smoothness of you armpit. Well, you are not wrong, but that is not the only benefits of shaving your armpit hairs. Continue reading.

1. You will sweat less

Shaving your armpit hairs will make you sweat less, especially for people who sweat excessively (hyperhidrosis). This sweat also cause stains on your clothes. Therefore shaving your armpit hairs prevents stains on your clothes.

2. Less body odour.

Bacteria is everywhere even on our body, especially those hidden areas like our underarm. These bacteria (underarm dwellers) break down sweat which results in body odour (BO)

When you remove hair under the armpits, it reduces trapped odour . Removing underarm hair, either by shaving or waxing, makes it easier for soaps and cleansing products to get into the skin and follicular openings. It also reduce the number of bacteria and body odour on the underarm.

Importance of armpit hair

I know this may sound wired to you, but it is really beneficial. Read to the end.

1. It reduces friction

Armpit hair prevents skin-to-skin contact when doing certain activities, such as running and walking. If you sweat, it also help to trap sweat so it doesn't disturb you during some activities.

2. It prevents certain health conditions.

It does not only reduce friction, it can prevent some certain diseases which includes:

a. Razor burns.

b. Ingrown hairs.

c. Armpit pimples.

d. Skin tags.

e. Skin irritation.

3. It can actually get you a mate.

Now this is where the main benefit lies. Armpit hair may actually help catch you a mate. Yes! Like I said above, our grandparents will understand this more than us. Then in the olden days, when there are no sweet smelling perfumes, armpit hairs serves as one.

This is because the armpits release odor containing naturally-producing chemical that plays a role in opposite genders attraction. Most of our parents and grandparents got themselves attracted by this method. Weird right? It's true.

By leaving the armpit hair intact, you’re helping trap odor, since moisture (sweat) attaches to hair. This makes this chemical even stronger. And when an opposite perceives it, body chemistry is called to action. This has been replaced with perfume in our time.

A study in 2018 found that there were stress-relieving benefits to smelling a person’s natural scent. Weird right? You can try it.

Researchers came to this conclusion by asking the men in the study to wear a shirt for 24 hours and to abstain from using any deodorant or scented body products.

After the women smelled their partner’s shirt, they completed several tests to determine the findings. This included a stressful mock job interview and saliva samples to measure cortisol.

In the end, it was found that there’s something alluring about the body’s natural musk. You can try it and find out yourself.


Do you think this is true? Have you tried it before? How did you get your mate? How do you feel when you perceive the odour from an opposite gender's amrpit? Will you start growing your armpit?

Write your answers in the comment section.

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