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Desperation: What Happened to this Lady is a Definition of Beauty Without Brain

When people around us said use your brain in some conversations, especially when the situation is confusing or complicated. Many people took that as a slang while others saw meaning to it. It means think something through before you take an action.

What happened to this lady is an example of use your brain, it is good for ladies to possess at least a little brain to compliment their beauty. Beauty is important, dont get me wrong because if you look nice, it gives you confidence in yourself. On the other hand, beauty will never withstand intelligence and compassion, because without intelligence and compassion, our world would have no purpose.

This viral story is a story of a Nigerian lady who got linked to a rich Zimbabwean man on the internet. As their hook up progresses, on a good day for a surprise, the man sent 60million Zimbabwean shillings to the lady through Western Union. This lady careless to ask in order for her to know the amount when it's been change to Naira.

Before going to withdraw the money as she thought it was a huge one, she took 2 security men to escort her in case of uncertainties, and she hired them at the cost of (N25,000 naira each) she hired a taxi for the day (N15,000 naira) and took a beautiful bag (Gucci=N35,000 naira) on credit for the withdrawal with a fat hope that the 60million Zimbabwean shillings is a big money.

On getting to the counter, they told her that 60million Zimbabwean shillings after conversion is N3,325 naira. On hearing that, she fainted knowing what she has put herself into. Debt she incurred with hope of having a enough in return was the reason she fainted.

That is why I said beauty without brain is not balance or should I say she is the envious type who may not want to disclose such to at least one person for a proper advice.

In some situations like this, I advice we involve one person because of uncertainties. Drop your comment if you have any advice pertaining to this lady's ordeal.

Content created and supplied by: UjuEmma (via Opera News )

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