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3 Categories of Outfits You Can Pair With Your Crop Top

The crop top is one of the top designs among ladies these days. The top is designed to be a bit smaller than the usual top length and is often worn by young ladies and teenagers. The crop top can be worn as a top on different types of outfits. In this collection, we will be checking out 3 categories of outfits you can pair with your crop top:

1. Jean trousers

The crop top can be worn as a top on a jean trouser. For a dressy look, this outfit combination can be worn alongside a pair of heels while a pair of sneakers is recommended for a casual outfit look.

2. High waist skirt

The crop top can also be worn stylishly as a top on a high waist skirt. The high waist skirt can be designed as a maxi skirt and a pair of nice heels can be worn to complete the look.

3. Pant trousers

The crop top can also be worn as a top on pant trousers. This outfit combination is recommended for casual occasions.

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