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Cat Walk Like A Pro! 3 Easy Steps For Beginners (Start Your Modelling)

Walking like a pro cat walker is very simple, all you need is the basic steps to keep you ahead of what you wanted. Do not worry too much about practicing for long hours, I assure the perfectness within minutes of practice. Before going for the practice, know this.

Catwalk doesn't only add to your standards, it brings out the real personality in you.

If you have the dreams of being a model, Catwalks is the first thing to consider.

Maintaining your diet to suit your body structure is essential.

Now let's get to business.

Before you start, set your chin face slightly downward. Don't smile, and keep your mouth closed in a natural position. Keep your eyes focused on something ahead of you. Do this to keep yourself ahead of audiences to avoid distractions and stay focused. Never be tempted to look sideways, don't forget you are acting like a pro


Stand up straight. Make your posture straight during the practice. You don't have to stiff your body to attain this. Pull the shoulders back a little to balance with the body. Act like there's an invisible string holding you in position. Keep this throughout the practice.


This is the next step. Imagine you are walking on a long single rope. Place one foot in front of the other, do it with uniformity. This would allow your hips to swing side by side in a classic way. Project it with confidence. Don't over exaggerate the action.

If you are a male, you don't have to put a foot in front of the other, walk-in your normal ways.

STEP 3. Walk Like A Predator With Altitude.

Make your walk down the hallways swift by bringing up your knees more fast than normal. This would bring out the style of a professional modeler. Always keep your hands by your side or swift moderately. Make sure you walk in a uniform length within your feet (You can set marks to ease practice). And lastly, do it more on heels.

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