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Get rid of the stubborn fat and get your desired figure with just one ingredient.

Aju mbaise is a herb gotten from the eastern part of Nigeria....

It has so many benefits, and some of those them are;

It helps you to reduce weight by burning out all those stubborn fats that refuse to shed no matter what you do..

It boosts fertility

It reduces fibroid

It cures infection

It treats menstrual irregularities, and many more...

The good news about this is that, if you do not want to totally change your diet you can still shed weight by taking this...

Ingredients needed:

Aju mbaise wrap

Spices (blended uda and Uziza)

How to prepare this Aju mbaise is very simple, just follow these steps below:

1. Thoroughly wash the wrap (do not loosen it, just wash it like that).

2. Place it in a pot, add the spices and pour in some water to cover the wrap.

3. Boil for 15 minutes or till it turns brown

4. Filter it and put it in a container

5. Drink first thing in the morning and last thing at night for faster result. (Drink it hot not cold)

6. If taken properly, there'll be visible result from one week.

Note.... Get the original Aju mbaise so there won't be a problem at all...

Please come back and share your journey....

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