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If your skin itches after bathing, then read this to find the remedy.

The skin is classified as the largest organ on the body and mature adults carry up to 8 pounds(in weight) and 2 square metres(thickness) of it. It is a very vital insulating shield in our body that protects the body from harmful chemicals, UV rays from the sun, extremes of temperature. It also exudes antibacterial substances in order to prevent infection from foreign external substances and also manufactures vitamin D for converting calcium into healthy bones. However, this organ must be protected and certain factors can causes itches when we take a shower.

This condition is called "Pruritus" , this in general means when you have an itchy skin with or without rashes(which also may happen without a shower as well). Below are lost of various possible causes of itches after a bathroom shower.

1. Xerosis Cutis : This is due to an extremely dry skin , which could result from spending much time in a hot bath or soaking oneself in hot water for too long, thereby stripping the skin of its natural oils. This type occurs at the lower part of your bodies particular the legs as well the hands since they always come in contact with water more frequently than other parts. This is most common for those that can't do without a hot bath.

2.Aquagenic urticaria: This type is a rare form of physical urticaria in which hives(a kind of skin rash with red, raised, itchy bumps develop on the skin after contact with water) This kind is temperature independent.

3. Skin being sensitive to certain soaps: Failure to wash off soap residue on one's skin is another cause of skin itches. Also as certain soap cleans out it drys out the skin. This brings real discomfort to the body.

4. Aquagenic Pruritus: This is a condition where your nervous system becomes activated and reacts irritatingly to water causing itching. This itches could arise if one even washes his or her hands or enters a water body.

Remedies are as follows:

1. After bathing make use of a pat method to clean your body rather than rubbing off every moisture on your skin.

2. Reduce the use of hot water when showering mild and moderate temperature is best

3. Moisturise your skin while it is still damp , this helps to lock the moisture into your skin. Keeping your moisturizer in the fridge or a cool place will help to apply a cooling effect.

4. In the case of repeated itches , change the soaps you use and particularly go for a moisturizing soap which will to reduce the dry skin.

5. Make use of anti-itch creams such as aveeno, letibalm cam be used to help moisture the skin be on the look out for lactic acid as an ingredient.

6. Drink water regularly as this helps to refresh the skin.

I am Dolemite ,informing for Opera News.

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Pruritus Xerosis Cutis


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