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Photos of Nigerian Children in their cultural attires, check if your Cultural attire is among them

Nigeria is made up of over two hundred and fifty tribes. These tribes also have special languages and culture in which they are known for. For instance, anyone in Nigeria who sees a person wearing or putting on a cloth that has the head of a lion on it, that person is taken to be an Igbo Man. You can also use red cap to know an Igbo man.

The same thing applies to other tribes like Hausa, Yoruba, Ibibio, Fulani, Tiv, Uhobo, Itsekiri, Igala, Ijaw, and the rest of other tribes.

This article is meant to pin point some of this cultural attires as they are won by kids of nowadays. Pictures are Credited to,,,,,, and host of others. Now check them out.

Igbo traditional attire:

Tiv Cultural Attire:

Tiv people are known for their black and white stripe.


Idoma cultural attires resembles that of TiV People. But the difference between them is the colour. They wear red and black stripe.

Hausa/Fulani Cultural Attire:

Yoruba Cultural Attire:

Ibibio Cultural Attire:

Itsekiri Cultural Attire:

Jukun Cultural Attire:

Uhobo Cultural Attire:

Efik Cultural Attire:

Igala Cultural Attire:

Kalabari Cultural Attire:

Mumuye Cultural Attire:

As you can see from the pictures of this kids, Nigerians have beautiful and colorful outfits. But I can't tell the cultural attire that is more beautiful than the other.

Which Cultural Attire do you think is the best outfit in these pictures?

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