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How To Style Your Outfit With Scarves

Scarves are one of the latest trends in Men's fashion. They are extremely stylish in any outfit. However, knowing when and how to use it can be tricky but can make a remarkable difference in each person's look when mastered. 

Below are some ways in which you can style your scarf on your outfit.

1. Style with a turtleneck and blazer

You can't go wrong with a scarf styled with a turtleneck outfit. The colour that you choose to use matters a lot and is what will make the most difference. If you're wearing a neutral colour turtle neck with a red blazer for instance, styling it with a plain black scarf will match as it will give the outfit a colour balance and make you look fashionable. 

2. Style with suit and hat

A colourful scarf on a dark-coloured suit and a neutral shirt is topnotch when complimented with a hat. However, don't forget to consider the colour of trousers and shoes you're matching it with. The essence of the scarf is to put your outfit to together so ensure your choose a scarf with a blend of colour that matches all other items in the outfit. 

3. Style on a plain t-shirt

A coloured scarf is sufficient to pop a black, white or grey t-shirt. If you're a dark skinned person that loved to wear darker colours of tees, you may want to consider using more bold colours of scraps on your t-shirt to outline your face from the rest of the outfit. 

4. Style on a jean jacket

Even the African print scarf gives a balance of colour and style to a denim jacket. If you're a lover of African print like me, and you wonder if you can use it as a scarf, then here you go with the picture. Lol. African prints are rich in colour and are often seen as feminine but who says a man can't maintain his masculine and mature look with it?

One way to do that is to use an African print scarf to touch on your jean jacket. It could even be on a blazer if the event you're wearing it for permits you to be colourful. The rule of the game is to use it with the right colours of outfit. Denim, neutral colours and dark colours of clothes will work best. 

5. Style on a patterned button-down shirt and hat

A chunky scarf does not only drive away cold, it adds style to a patterned shirt and a hat when matched properly. 

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