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This is Why Every Bride Wears White on Their Wedding Day

White is the selected colour of wedding dress throughout the world, but there is a mystery behind the selection of this particular colour of this wedding dress which many people were unaware of.

As we all know what white stand for, it is a general selected colour for peace throughout the world, but in the case of wedding dress, it is entirely different.

Couples In Wedding Dress

According to, Over a century ago, the colour of the dress that was worn by bride and groom was red, and the reason why the colour was selected was that red is a flashy colour, and also Roses are red, the believe is that the wedding will be sweet as that of the rose flower.

Then, White gown was only a dress worn when people were mourning, before it is now replace by black.

According to, The queen of Scot, Mary, was the first person to change the perception of people toward the selection of black clothes as wedding dress. She wore it on her wedding day, and she was slammed by people of her choice of choosing a white dress. When her husband passed on, Mary was accused of killing him because she wore a mourning clothes, which is white, to their wedding.

 The believe of wearing a black dress as wedding gown was later scrapped by Queen Victoria. The wedding clothes she wore then, which is white clothes was later acceptable worldwide till today. She was first being questioned because of her choice of colour which is against the tradition of the wedding dress.

According to, Queen Victoria was the villain that fought for the replacement for the red clothes as wedding gown to white gown, and throughout the world today, it is the only acceptable dress for the occasion.

As most of us know what the red colour signify, so, it wouldn't have been fair if it is the dresses that is wore by Bride to wedding today. White is a unique colour.

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