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5 Makeup Tips For Ladies With Bigger Eyes

Bigger eyes for ladies comes with its corresponding advantages and disadvantages. However, if a lady understands how to manage her eyes size very well, she might end up having some of the best appearances.

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To ensure that ladies with bigger eyes have some of the best appearances, this article will expose you to five makeup tips for ladies with bigger eyes.

1. Use Mascara On Your Lower Lashes

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To balance your eyes with your makeup and get the best appearance, ensure you apply your mascara on your lower lashes.

Applying a considerable amount of your mascara on your lower lashes keeps your eye's size in check by not revealing its real size.

2. Use White Eyeshadow Instead

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While white eyeshadow can be used to make your eyes look bigger, ladies with bigger eyes can take advantage of it to maintain their current eyes size.

Using white eyeshadow will keep people unbalanced trying to detect your current eyes size.

3. Use Primer

The fact that ladies with big eyes have bigger upper lids made the use of primer significant. To ensure you have a strong base for your makeup, gently apply your primer on your lids.

4. Use The Same White Eyeshadow On Your Brows

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Ladies with bigger eyes tend to have an oval face, this might make your esteemed brows less visible. To up your eyebrows, ensure to use your white eyeshadow to rub it round your brow.

5. Use Dark Tone Eyeshadow

Dark-tone eyeshadow are perfect in balancing the size of your eyes. Use it alongside your other facial features and believe me, they will align nicely.

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