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What You Need To Consider Before Copying Angel's Fashion Style

Fashion is simply a way of introducing and expressing yourself without saying a word. Your mode of dressing will determine how self confident you are because fashion is the first thing people look at to interpret your character and personality.

Popular Big Brother Naija season six housemate, Identified as Angel Smith, recently displayed her fashion sense on her recent outfit, which can inspire upcoming fashion lovers.

Angel values fashion because she knows the worth of it and as the day progresses, she displays new fashion sense on social media. In today's update, we will be looking at some fashion tips that might boost your fashion sense if it's well applied.

1 . You need to consider if the color of fabric fits your skin tone.

Some ladies are ignorant to scrutinize the fabric before purchasing it because they think since it's good on Angel's skin, it will also fit theirs. Skin tone differs and it's important we consider the color because the color of material helps in brightening up our complexion.

2 . You need to consider the texture of fabric before buying it.

As a fashion lover, you need to consider the texture and quality of the fabric before purchasing it. Some material reacts to the skin, causing rashes, eczema and other skin irritation.

3. You need to consider the style you sew.

Your choice of style should be captivating, inspiring and trendy. Some ladies loves sewing exposed style because they want to attract attention, forgetting that the way a lady dresses is the same way people will address her publicly.

Be careful in choosing your style. You can sew a smart style like that of Angel's style and you'll still attract attention and respect. Check out some pictures below.

The above gown can to worn to places like birthday, wedding and evening hangout with friends. The slit on her dress was created in other for her to walk freely. Angel's shoe, makeup and hairstyle, also helps in enhancing her physical appearance.

If you have anything to share, kindly share via the comment section below after reading.

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