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Ladies checkout these 20 cornrows hairstyles for your Easter celebration

Cornrows hairstyles are braided very close to the scalp, most people often call it the SCALP braids. Ladies go book an appointment with your hairstylist and look good this Easter. Cornrow braided hairstyles also last for over one month or even more and are easy to be taken care of. If you want to make cornrows braided hairstyles you would need to add extensions of your choice to the natural hair.

Cornrow braided hairstyles comes in different sizes such as big-sized braided cornrows, small-sized braided cornrows and medium-sized braided cornrows. It also comes in different lengths like knee length, shoulder length, bra line length, waist length and so on. It also done in different colours and you can add accessories to it too... Get your hair done and look unique and beautiful this Easter..

Below are some cornrow braided hairstyles you can rock this Easter:

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