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Wedding planning scene

60 Latest Wedding Cake Designs for 2020 with Photographs

The first dividend of a wedding ceremony.

Aside the big and gigantic wedding cake, the bride beautiful clothing, the adorable bridesmaids, the important-looking groomsmen, that are all obvious during wedding ceremony. One Important factor to be considered is the real fruit of the union, the wedding must have been long and forgotten, but the benefit in terms of fruit, will remain for long. To this I call, the first dividend of a wedding ceremony. What the people are expecting after 9 months.The very cry of a new born baby.

The moment a sound of a new born baby is heard from the delivery room, the parent start to rejoice and celebrate. A bonus has been added to the family, especially when the new born baby is the first baby. The ability to produce self is highly intoxicating to the husband, he is extremely happy to see his and their new born baby alive. Perhaps, this is the first reward of their wedding union. Therefore, he starts to call friends and relatives to inform them that a bonus has been added to the family.

People come from near and far to congratulate them. Some will come with precious gift items. While others Who are tight fisted, come with nothing. Another important moment of joy to be noticed, is the period of preparation for the naming ceremony. The man is here and there, he is ready to be everywhere, to ensure the outcome of the naming ceremony is a total success.

This is a big lesson to all of us who truly desire success in life. We should learn how to take our plans to the labor room of delivery. To study and work hard. To devolt and commit ourselves totally to our plans, giving it all its takes, to give birth to our dreams and aspirations. In this way, we won't just be living but instead, lay a solid foundation to exist. As nobody knows when a living snake is passing through the mountain, its movement impact is never felt on the dry rock.

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