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How To Look Good In Senegalese Outfits

Having an outfit in your wardrobe is not enough to make you look good. You need to know how to pair those outfits with the necessary accessories in order to look beautiful.

Here are the four major ways to look attractive with Senegalese outfits:

1. Wear gleaming jewelry to complement your outfit; From the pictures displayed here, you will notice that the Senegalese fabric is shinny and you won't look beautiful if you wear it with dull jewelry. Please don't wear beads in combination with your Senegalese attire. It's either silver or gold.

2. The only head wraps allowed with the Senegalese outfits are the head wraps made from the Senegalese fabric. And when wearing your head wrap, please make sure it's not so big that it won't cover your face. Remember that you need to flaunt your beautiful makeup.

Please don't wash your Senegalese attire too often so that it will not fade too quickly. If you are too busy, you can send them to a good laundry for washing and ironing.

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