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The endless battle between Traditional and Corporate wears

Culture is the way of life of a group of people, True

Every ethnic group visualize traditional dress as a reflection of the elegance of a native indigene. All ethnic groups have a unique traditional dress which symbolize their values. The word "Native dress" is a neutral term denoting the distinctive cultural dress of people living anywhere in the world but share a common ethnic background.

Identified below are a list of ethnic groups in Nigeria and the native dress worn by their men.

The Yoruba's – Agbada, Buba and Sokoto

The Igbo's – Senator style, Isiagu, Traditional wrapper.

The Hausa's – Jalabiya, caftan

The industrial revolution brought about a lot of changes to people’s perception as regard traditional dressing, most especially men. It has scaled up to a point where if a man is given the opportunity to choose, he would prefer a corporate dress over the traditional one. In Nigeria, traditional dress are not worn on a daily basis, except on specific occasions like festivals and so on.

Nowadays, men rarely put on native dress to school, office and courtroom. It is such that they refer to the wearing of a corporate wear as “DRESSING SMART.” Furthermore, every man now desires to follow the fashion trend. The world is changing and events are occurring at a fast rate than expected, so in a bid to catch up we lose touch of our culture. 

Here are some examples of corporate wears for men:

Suite with Tie

Shirt and Trouser

Will you choose to preserve your culture or follow the trend. Whatever the case maybe, know that you have a choice to make. Therefore, choose wisely!!

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Agbada Corporate Isiagu Nigeria Sokoto


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