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How to Style a Kimono

A Kimono is a traditional Japanese garment that has made its way to modern fashion. It has become a trendy wardrobe staple and can be paired easily with different outfits. Kimonos are quite easy to style and a simple outfit can look quite elegant when paired with a kimono.

It can be worn as a formal or casual attire and its suitable for every weather and for every occasion. They are in style and come in various colours, prints, and patterns, they also come in varying lengths and fabrics.

1. Shorts: this is a fun and playful way to pair a kimono. It can be worn with a bralette or tank top and finished off with a kimono to give it an elegant yet casual look, you can decide to spice it up wit a sneaker or high heeled sandals.

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2. Dress: it can be worn over a bodycon dress to the attire more elegant and sophisticated. Floral kimonos work best for casual wear while solid colours work for formal wear. When pairing these two together, make sure the prints don’t clash with one another to avoid making a huge fashion mistake. Floral kimonos are best worn with plain dresses. A Kimono can also be worn with a belt to make it look like a dress.

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3. Jeans: They pair effortlessly with jeans when combined to give an elevated look. Kimonos of any length can be worn with a jean depending on the look you're going for. They work best as a casual wear and can also be worn as a semi-formal wear.

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4. Pantsuit: This look creates a flowing line from top to bottom giving you an elongated and elegant look. Additionally, it’s a great way to either dress up or dress down your pantsuit. You can wear this look like a casual Friday outfit at the office. It also works as a chic outfit for a girls’ meetup.

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Whichever way you decide to pair your kimonos, they are trendy and in style.

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