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Skin Care

Check On How To Make Soap with Tumeric For Brightening Of Skin

It is known that black soap is one of the top skin care products because it has such properties: Tumeric powder has the ability to make your skin lighter.

Tumeric black soap benefits for your skin.

1. Tumeric soap is very helpful means for treatment of eczema, psoriasis, and skin allergic;

2. Because of its texture such soap is known as an effective exfoliating means for skin.

3. Tumeric back soap can be used for any type

4 The used of black soap can be helpful in the treatment of hyperpigmentation

5. Tumeric has great antibacterial and and anti-inflammatory properties that makes it a good means against acne.

6. Tumeric is very helpful in smoothen your skin because it is strong exfoliating remedy.

How to make African black soap with Tumeric powder at home?

- Dry your plantain skins, you can dry them in the oven or under the sun, when the skins are dried, it is time to dry them to receive the ash, it is a very important ingredients on these type of soap;

- Take the aches and dissolve it in warm distilled water to receive a dark solute.

- put the pot with the solute on fire and bring it to boil;

- After a minute of boiling, pour the mixture through a sieve.

- Now it is time to heat up the base oil, you can used cocoa butter, shea butter or palm kernel oil;

- when the base oil or butter is melted, add the ash to liquid and stir it will. At this step, it is high time to add one spoon of Tumeric powder to the mixture, if you want to add some additional ingredients example, dried herbs or essential oils, you can do it at this step

- Keep heating the mixture, there should appear to dark, frothy substance on the surface, and it is actually the black soap.

- Scoop the substance out and put it into prepared moulds;

- Store the soap in cool place, and wait for about two weeks until the soap is ready

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