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Skin Care

Why Women Should Rub Onions Regularly On Their Face

Onion possess so many properties which makes it beneficial to the skin, such as; antioxidants, antibacterial and antiseptic properties. It's extracts have been proven to stop most forms of bacteria. According to Healthline, this article will explore more on the benefits of applying onion on your face.

Onion as an antibacterial, helps the skin because bacteria can increase inflammation on your skin’s surface, which also helps to deactivate active acne breakouts. Onions also contain a naturally occurring diluted sulfuric acid which helps to treat different types of acne. It also contains vitamin C which is known to increase the speed of your cell turnover, which can help decrease breakouts, lessen redness, and brighten up your skin.

When it comes to using onions on your skin, red, yellow, and white varieties seem to be effective in treating skin care concerns. If you’re interested in the highest antioxidant benefit, use the outer rings of the onion instead of the inner ones. To experience the most benefits of onion, apply topically on the skin surface.

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