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Why you need to start using guava leaves, if you are struggling with these problems.

Guava fruit is oval in shape, it has either yellow or green colour and seeds.

Most people eat guava fruit because they know that it is very beneficial to their health, but don't know that the leaf of guava is also beneficial to their health. Guava leaves are medicinal and can be used as herbs to cure different ailments, this is because it contains anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidants properties.

So if you have not being using or drinking guava leaf juice try and use it to prevent diseases.

Ingredients Needed For Preparing Guava Leaf Juice:

1. Guava leaves.

2. Pot.

3. Water.

4. Fire.

5. Cup.

Method Of Preparing Guava Leaf Juice:

1. Get a handful of guava leaves. Guava leaves are not too rare so you can look for someone that has it and plug the leaves.

2. Wash the guava leaves very well in a clean water, this is to ensure that dirt's are removed from the leaves. 

3. Light your fire, put a clean pot on it and pour a required of water inside it. The water should not be too big and it should not be too small, it should be moderate.

4. Put the washed guava leaves inside the pot of water on fire. Allow it to boil for at least 10 minutes.

5. When you see that the water has changed colour, then you can bring the pot down from the fire, then seperate the juice from the guava leaves with a sieve. The brown water is the guava leaf juice.

Drink a cup of the juice both in the morning and evening, it will help you alot.

Health Benefits Of Drinking Guava Leaf Juice:

1. Guava leaf juice can help strengthen your immune system thereby preventing diseases from disturbing you.

2. Guava leaf juice also help get rid of stomach problem.

3. Guava leaf juice breakdown fats in your body, which helps reduce your weight.

4. Guava leaf juice help treat acne skin and other skin diseases.

5. Drinking guava leaf juice help regulate your cholesterol levels and even your blood sugar levels.

6. Guava leaf juice help prevent heart diseases.

7. Drinking guava leaf juice can help neutralize harmful microbes in your gut that can cause diarrhea, thereby aiding easy digestion in your body. 

8. Guava leaf juice help improve fertility in bith male and female. So if you are finding it hard to reproduce try using this leaf, it can work for you.

Guava leaf juice is very good for the health, drink the juice of you are suffering from what I mentioned above. Even though it taste bitter try and drink it so that you can live healthily and happy, a healthy man is always a happy man.

I am very sure this post is very helpful. Try and share it with your friends, drop your contributions under the comment box also.


Content created and supplied by: Ranko (via Opera News )

Cup Guava Leaf Juice


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