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6 reasons why you Shouldn't Wear a Bra to Bed at Night

Some women believe wearing a Bra to Bed can prevent sagging of breasts. However, according to medical claims breast sagging is inevitable with age as the connective tissue which supports the breasts may Lose its elasticity in due course of time. Other factors Like Genetics, pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight gain can cause saggy breasts.

Let's take a Look at the adverse effects of wearing a Bra to Bed.

*Troubled Sleep: Comfort assists in Promoting Sound sleep. Putting on a tight Bra when sleeping at night can cause discomfort which may in turn affect the quality of Sleep.

*Development of Lumps: Wearing a Bra Consistently at Night time can initiate the growth of Lumps and Cysts in the breasts.

*Breast Fungus: Having a bra on while sleeping can create a Conducive, warm and moist Setting for Fungus to breed and multiply.

*Restricts Circulation: Wearing a Bra to Bed hinders the free circulation of Blood Particularly if one is wearing a fitted Bra with a tight elastic Under wire. It may be better to choose a sports bra which is more comfortable in comparison.

*Pigmentation: Regularly wearing a Bra to Bed can produce pigmentation or skin irritation in the area where the Bra's elastic band or wire is in Contact with the Soft skin.

*Breast Cancer: Though there is no concrete evidence yet to prove that wearing a Bra to bed at Night can cause breast Cancer. Sleeping in a Bra at night can increase the possibility of breast Cancer.

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Stay healthy.

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