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4 Common Bra Problems and How to Fix It

For decades, bras have been giving women a hard time, despite being one of the things that make a woman. From easily loosened straps to annoying underwires, there are a plethora of problems associated with wearing bras. Many women have limited options to fix these problems. Therefore, they end up enduring whatever pains that come with it.

In this article, we will check some of the common bra problems women have and how to fix them. These don't require you to spend more or make a huge change. Continue reading this piece to find out more.

Extra space in the bra cups

Extra room in the bra cups may mean two things: the straps are too loose, or the cups are too big. One method you can use to fix this is to tighten the straps. If this doesn't work, try smaller cups.

When your bra gaps at the top

This particular bra issue can be annoying under see-through clothes and make you look disorganized. If your bra constantly gaps at the top after tightening and you are certain you use the right cup size, you should experiment with another bra style. For instance, a half-cup might fit your breast better than a full cup.

Your boobs spill at the side or top

Another common problem is when your boobs spill out by the side or the top. While it might look like you won't find the perfect bra, you just need to look more. One fix to settle this is to get a bigger and fuller cup that can accommodate you.

Your straps slip off your shoulder 

One way to tighten your straps every week or month since elastic straps lose over time. Another solution is to switch your wide straps for narrow ones. These tend to give your breast enhanced support.

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