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Nigeria: If You Can Find Any Of These 5 Stones, You Would Become Rich.

There are some stones that are worth a whole lot of money, a person who comes across these stones and sells it, will be in great luck. These stones are called precious stones.

What are precious stones?

A Precious stone is a piece of mineral which when cut and polished can be used to make jewelries or other precious materials.

Precious stones can also be called gemstones there are hard and soft gemstones , the soft gemstones is the one that can be used to make jewelries and other things. In this article, I will be introducing to five(5) precious stones, if by chance you come across them and then sell them it can fetch you a fortune.

1 Red Coral

The red coral is organically formed by living organisms, unlike other gemstones which are of mineral origin. The red coral formed from the branching of antler-like structure that is created from Coral polyps in tropical and sub tropical ocean water. The main coral is gotten when the coral polyps die and the skeleton remains, this material is what is used as the gemstone.

In Some part of Nigeria like the Edos and Igbos red Coral gemstone is a symbol of royalty or one who has a chieftaincy title. There are some shapes of red coral that only Chief wears. Red Corals used in Edo are different from those gotten from the North of Nigeria, in western part and the Eastern part of Nigeria.

2 Ruby

A ruby is a blood red coloured gemstone, even the word ruby comes from rubber which is Latin for red. The ruby is a radiant, red stone that has been accorded special and symbolic meaning. The ruby has represented nobility and purity. From history through the modern times, rubies have been valued by cultures in Nigeria.

The largest Ruby deposit in Nigeria are found in the Northern regions. Ruby mining or processing can create a great source of employment.

3 Sapphires

Sapphires are one of the hardest stones, it is a precious stone with variety of colours like green, yellow purple orange, but it is mostly known for it blue colour. Sapphire are cut and polished into gemstones and can be worn as jewelry.

In Nigerian sapphires are mined from basalt-related secondary deposits. That is why these precious stones are mainly from the Mambilla Plateau in Nigeria's Taraba State.

4 Emerald

Emerald is the green gemstone variety of the mineral Beryl. Emerald crystals are hexagonal in nature, emeralds have been treasured as adornments in the form of jewelry for centuries in different cultures. This may surprise you but emeralds are more rare than diamonds.

Emerald deposits in Kaduna State and in Nasarawa State, and it can also be found in some other places in Nigeria.


Diamond is the most popular gemstone, it is a mineral composed of pure carbon. It is also the hardest naturally occurring substance. The hardness, brilliance, and sparkle of diamonds makes them a very valuable gemstone.

diamond deposits have been found in northern part of Nigeria especially in katsina state state.

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