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What to Consider When Buying a Bubu Dress

Undoubtedly, Bubu dresses are one of the most trendy wears among women. The name Bubu or Boubou is a long loose dress worn by West African women. It is safe to say its versatility and comfortability make it more acceptable. With myriads of styles and Bubu variants in the market, it can be overwhelming to make a perfect choice. If you are currently in this state, check the following factors to help you choose the right Bubu dress.

1. The Material

One unique feature of a Bubu dress is its versatility. No matter the African fabric you pick, Bubu brings out your glow and diverts all attention to you. Common materials used in making Bubu gowns include chiffon, lace, cotton, silk, crepe, etc. Your final choice depends on you and the occasion, as no fabric is exceptionally more fabulous than the other.

2. Your body type

While your Bubu dress must stay loose, it should not be too bogus to look more like a cover cloth. One tip to help you is to measure your bust and height before making a choice.

3. Color

One of the basics of fashion tips is to use the right color. Bubu dresses come in different colors and shades, and that can be confusing. The solution is to pick a color that matches your skin tone. Blue, pale pink, purple, red, teal, dark purple, and wine colors will suit any skin type. 

4. Accessories

Accessories accentuate your style and personality. However, you need to be careful when it comes to Bubu gowns. Simplicity is the key since the dress comes in an overflowing manner. If you need to use a necklace, ensure it is not too heavy or noticeable. 

5. Shoe type

Don’t be surprised if people don’t notice your footwear in a Bubu. Why? The cloth covers it up. Nonetheless, you should opt for nice flats, cute slippers, or low-heeled sandals.

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