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The Waist Bead And Important Reasons Why Ladies Use Them

Waist beads are a traditional fashion accessory that consist of small beads on a string or wire worn around the waist or hips. The waist beads is a very fashionable ornaments that are very pleasing to the eye as they come in various colors, shapes and, sizes. Various materials are used for the production of the waist beads as it can consist of materials such as:decorative stones, glass crystals, Cowries. The waist beads has been in existence for as long as human existence can remember and have been worn by various culture world wide mostly by women. 

Waist beads bears female symbolism and are known to be worn for purposes such as fertiliity, spirituality, fashion,weight measurement/growth, culture, religion and even to feel good.

1. Fashion: most people these days put on waist beads as a fashion statement and not a symbolism for anything, they do these as some form of trend maybe due to the fact that others girls are wearing them. Or cause it looks good on their body when they rock them.

2. Well-being: To some people that have some sort of supersticious beliefs, the waist beads is more than just an accessory worn for the purpose of fashion as it connotes a deeper meaning that only them could understand, as it could be be symbol of good luck or protection.

3. Weight loss/gain check: believe these or not but In the olden days when weight checkers were very rare, ladies depends on the waist beads to tell if they had added or reduced weight. This is determined as when the beads are tight indicate the lady has gained some weight and when the beads are loose on the waist indicates the lady has lost some weight. even till today some ladies still use this pattern to determine their size in weight.

4. Culture: the waist beads is a fashion item in all the major tribes in Nigeria as some ladies wear them since it a part of the culture. The Yoruba call it "Ileke", the Hausa call it "Jigida" and the Igbos call it "Echiri"

5. Religion: many religious people wear the waist beast and it serve different purpose and function to them, based on beliefs. Some wear it inform of amulets, protection, enhancement to good luck etc. 

6. Feels good: Most women love the feel good effect they derive from wearing the waist beads as they love the tickle of the bead while they work and they do their "iyanga" while moving Some women love how the beads tickle them as they walk. 

7. Family Planning: this might come strange to you but apart from condoms, pills and other Contraceptive some women have been known to wear some special type of waist bead they claim prevents them from taking in when they have sex, only God knows how this is possible. But while you look at the authencity of the waist bead as a form of Contraceptive, I want you to remember the year 2000's when a Kind of belt was used to prevent male sperm from being fertile in China.

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