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Do it yourself skincare ingredients you should not use, they are dangerous to your skin

DIY skincare routine has been the order of the day for women lately. 

Most of these DIY skincare routines actually work because it is more of a natural skincare routine which is more advisable to use because it is more safe than most toxic chemicals sold in the market in the name of skin care products.

In as much as these DIY skincare routines are advisable, certainly there are so much well known DIY skincare ingredients that are to all extent dangerous to the skin and will not even be literally advantageous to your skin.

From my research, these are the list of DIY skincare routines that will do your skin more harm than good:


This is a Just no especially for sensitive skins. Lemon is so dangerous to your skin and I , frankly do not comprehend why so many people like to use Lemons in DIY skincare routines. 

Despite the fact that Lemon contains vitamin C, it is highly concentrated enough to irritate your skin especially sensitive skins and this does not provide any real benefits. 

Lemon is also very acidic which can badly inflame your skin and cause it to reddens, make your skin a dry skin, sensitivity skin, and probably cause skin peeling. 

With the much of acid contained in lemon, if you have a sensitive skin, lemon’s negative effects will definitely be much and worsen your skin sensitivity.

Grinded Coffee Beans

Coffee beans are well known ingredient in DIY skincare routines, and it is mostly used for facial scrubs. Coffee beans does not supply any Paramount benefits and applying it for scrubs skincare routine is just a too good idea.

Applying a scrub to your face is basically to exfoliate your face. Instead of using coffee bean or those skincare products filled with chemical in the market, I would recommend you use a good physical exfoliator.

A good physical exfoliator such as sugar scrub will do the magic because it easily breaks down with water meaning it's soluble and it's solubility aids absorption so you don’t harm your face.

Avocado Fruits

In as much as avocado fruits are not usually the worst ingredients in DIY skincare routines, there is really no significant benefits attached to applying avocado fruits topically to the skin. 

Avocado fruits can also cause inflammation on a sensitive skin, causing your skin to get red and inflamed. I had a personal experience with avocado fruit while using it in my DIY skincare routine.

Those days when I was so engaged in DIY skincare routines, I prepared an avocado and honey face mask and this was my experience.

My mummy who doesn't joke with avocado fruits ate almost half of it thereby reducing the quantity I wanted to use for my skincare routine.

I wore that mixture on for 5 minutes and it made my face breakout so bad because I have a very sensitive skin and that made me I waste a good amount of the avocado fruit.

Baking soda

Baking soda is horrible for you skin. It has been used by quite a lot of people and this has made it a popular ingredient in DIY scrubs and lotions. 

The bad effects of baking soda is that it can dry out your skin, cause wrinkles, make your skin redden, make the acne on your face worsen, cause your skin to break out and inflame your skin. 

In as much as not everyone has a sensitive skin that .will react to baking soda, I still will not recommend baking soda in terms of skincare routines.

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