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Latest boubou stylish, fancy kaftan, very amazing and fashion.

For women, the traditional style consists of a wrapper tied at the waist, the long overflowing gown/robe, and a complimentary scarf or headtie.  

Even though the term "Boubou" has Senegalese origins, the style is native to other African ethnic groups and regions.  The wearing of the boubou can be traced back to as far as the 8th century. It was clothing worn by the Tukulor, Mandé, and Songhai peoples. The style is widely worn in other West African and Central African countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Mali, Cameroon, Congo, etc.  In Nigeria, the style in Yoruba is called "agbada" and is worn in a pretty similar way with a long sleeved or sometimes short sleeved tunic called buba, long tie-up trousers called sokoto, and a complimentary hat called Fila.  In Hausa, the boubou style is called "babban riga". 

For women, the style has slightly evolved and can be worn without the wrapper and you will hear people describe it as a kaftan. Today, the boubou is a statement fashion piece and can be dressed up or down. For men, it is usually worn to weddings, funerals, or other high profile and important events.  Women wear boubous as everyday wear or dress it up for formal events.  Boubous are commonly made with cotton (which includes dutch wax/ankara), silk, synthetic fibers such as polyester, or traditional Yoruba cloth called "Aso oke". Depending on the type of fabric and prints used to design the boubou, it can range from very casual to very elaborate. Also, a women's boubou can be loose-fitting making it more modest or it can be designed to hug the body, making it more flattering and sexy. 

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