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Yaba Market: The Best Way To Slay On Budget

Yaba has one of the busiest markets in Lagos known as Tejuosho market. If you are not sharp, you can be duped of your money by buying low quality. At the same time, if you are wise, you can get what you want at reasonable prices. Commodities in Yaba are sold at low prices. Yaba market is one of the best second hand markets in Nigeria

 That aside, how can you slay on budget? I'm using yaba market as an example because a lot of people go there even your so-called slay queens. You don't need to spend all your money because you want to rock designers. I'm not saying it's bad to rock designers. But what's the point of starving to buy clothes. Wisen up. Come down to your level. Now, I'm telling you that even without having enough money, you can slay and no one will know. You've saved yourself money and you can confidently go out. There are different ways you can rock certain clothes. It all depends on how you rock them and your charisma. Don't break a leg to slay.

For example, you can get a big checkered long- sleeve shirt. If you don't have, enter your daddy's wardrobe, your brother or your boyfriend wardrobe, you'll see it there. Guys always have checkered shirt. If you did not see then head to Yaba, you can get it at a very cheap price if you price it well. Please wash before you wear. You can rock this shirt with a short denim skirt/short/trousers. You can get that at yaba too. Now complete this look with sneakers. Please avoid sneakers with names like balenciaga, Fendi, yeezy, Adidas or Nike before you find yourself buying Fcndi, Adios, Nika and so on. Look for a plain and attractive sneakers with no designer name on it and you are good to go. You can rock this outfit to anywhere, be it a concert, the beach, house party. You are good to go. See pictures below

Pictures of fake sneakers you can get and you should avoid. They might not be really noticeable but they are there. Anyone with eyes can spot them and embarrass you. To avoid embarrassment, go for the plain but attractive ones.

Another example

You can also get joggers at Yaba. Go for the big size and then look for a tube top or spaghetti crop top. Rock it with your sneakers. If you feel it's not complete, you sure can get a jean jacket to complete your look. Jean jackets are sold really cheap at Yaba market. See pictures below

You can also get classy gowns at Yaba market and really nice cheap heels. But you can also mistakenly buy the low quality merchandise so you need to know your clothes and look well. Avoid the common items and go for the rare stuff. How would you know this? It's up to you to find out

Rompers, jumpsuits, swimsuits can be gotten at yaba too at affordable prices

Boyfriend Jean's, palazzo, biker shorts, Jean jackets, boyfriend short and simple gowns are at every corner in yaba market.

You too can slay, all you need to know is the right colors that goes with your skin and how to match clothes to fit. Avoided getting clothes too obvious. What I mean is avoid clothes with designer names all over it. You can slay without having Fendi written all over it. Hold your phone in death-like grip especially at night. Be fast and be swift. Haggle prices well. Let your eyes take in details. Do that as fast as you can. Avoid taking your phone to the market. Anything that happens is your own loss. Target the time to go to market. If you are going for night market or morning market, you need to know the time they open. Blend your pidgin well so you can communicate well with sellers and they can see you are no pushover. Endeavour to wash your clothes after buying it to remove the okrika smell that Yaba clothes are known to have. And you are good to go

There's nothing you can not get at Yaba. You just have to be smart about it. If you are looking to slay on budget, Yaba should be your next stop. 

Content created and supplied by: Nayae (via Opera News )

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