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Common Mistakes People Suffering From Acne Often Make

Having acne can be embarrassing and cause many people to lose their self-confidence. Despite the amount of research and knowledge available about treating acne, many people still make serious mistakes that can make their acne worse. Common mistakes people suffering from acne often make can be avoided and help to promote better treatment. 

According to mayoclinic, One common mistake people make is trying to pop or pick their pimples. Many people think popping their pimples will make them go away faster; however, it can actually make matters worse. Picking can push bacteria and sebum deeper into the skin, causing the pimple to become larger and more inflamed. Additionally, scarring and pigmentation can result from popping or picking your pimples. 

Another common mistake is consistent face-touching. Touching your face may seem harmless, but it can spread bacteria and dirt from the hands to the face and cause inflammation. Additionally, hands can introduce bacteria to an open wound which can later result in infections. If an individual must touch their face, they should make sure to keep their hands clean and avoid even the slightest contact with acne-prone areas. 

A third mistake people often make is not treating their acne early enough. Acne can be difficult to treat and the longer an individual waits to start treatment, the harder it will be to combat. A basic routine with the right products can help to prevent and reduce existing acne from becoming worse. People should be using a gentle cleanser, light moisturizer, and spot treatment as part of their routine. 

Fourthly, skipping sunscreen is another mistake individuals make when it comes to treating their acne. Sun exposure can make existing pimples worse and cause further skin damage to individuals with acne. Using sunscreen on a daily basis is essential to protect the skin from further damage and to reduce the risk of skin cancer. 

Lastly, drinking too much dairy and eating certain foods can be detrimental to someone’s skin health and can lead to more pimples. Dairy and certain foods such as processed sugar, fried foods, and chocolate can all increase sebum production and cause more breakouts. To reduce the occurrence of pimples, individuals should reduce or avoid these foods completely and focus on a healthy diet which includes plenty of fruits and vegetables as well as lean proteins.

Individuals suffering from acne can make several mistakes which can make their acne worse. Popping or picking at their pimples, face-touching, not treating acne early enough, skipping sunscreen applications, and eating certain foods can all cause flare-ups and worsen existing acne. By avoiding these common mistakes, individuals can better manage their acne and help to reduce the chance of further flare-ups. 

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