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Skin Care

Remedies to get soft feet

Our skin naturally renews itself after a few months, peelings or loose skin on the soles of your feet is your body's way of removing old skin cells. Dead skin formation is present in at least 50% of the population, don't worry it's not your fault. It is because our feet is constantly in motion and in an enclosed space and lack of moisturization is also a possible cause.

Our feet needs weekly, if not daily pampering. These loose skin is only painful when it involves and infection like athlete's foot. Please see your doctor for treatment.

Here are some options for removing dead skin.

You can use a pumice stone by dipping it in warm water and carressing your feet in circular motions. Please note that you have to soak your feet for some minutes before beginning the process. Continue the process until you begin to feel the smoothness, then you moisturize your feet and cover up with socks. Do not use a pumice stone if you have wounds or sores on your feet.

Salt scrub: you may not have access to a pumice stone, but salt is always present in every household Soak your feet for a couple of minutes, Mix some salt in any oil of your choice to create a grainy paste. Apply the paste on your feet and rub it in circular motions, do not apply pressure as salt is really rough so you do not injure yourself.

Also continue till you notice smoothness, don't forget to moisturize and cover up.

The essence of covering up after moisturizing is to lock in the moisture, the best time to practice this is at night, before you go to bed so you can wake up with soft feet and feel comfortable all day long.

Vaseline or coconut oil is best recommended for moisturizing. The list of health benefits is endless.

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