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Every Girl Should Be Aware Of These 7 Life Changing Bra Hacks

Being a woman and wearing a bra are inextricably linked. So, unless you decide to go braless one day, you'll have to wear a bra for the rest of your life. Why not learn some useful tips to make your life easier while you're at it? 

These 7 incredible bra hacks can help you enhance your life and seem even more stylish, from making your bra more comfy to making your boobies look better in it! 

1.Reduce the width of your bra straps. 

Wearing a low-back dress or top with your back strap visible is a touch trashy. This basic bra hack for concealment is easy to do and looks lot more elegant.

2. Hide your straps with a paper clip. 

I'm sure we've all encountered this problem! This is a fantastic idea, however if you're not into DIY,(do it yourself) you can buy a bra clip and accomplish the same results. 

3.Insert your bra into the dress and sew it in place. 

This is a fantastic trick that I had never considered before! Simply cut the straps of your bra and pin them to your clothing using glue, pins or sew them using a thread and needle.

4. Put your bra into a bra ball

When bras are laundered with your other garments, they lose their shape quickly, but hand washing can be time consuming. The use of a bra ball is a fantastic solution to this widespread issue. It's also recommended that you don't put your bra in the dryer and instead let it air dry.This contributes to the bra's longevity. 

5. Wrap the straps around your shoulders. 

Strapless bras irritate me since they are never snug enough (little boobie issues? ), and they constantly come down!, But wrapping the straps around your shoulder will firmly hold your bust together and enable you to wear any dress of your choice. On this list, this is my favorite hack! 

6.Avoid rubbing your shoulders with bra straps. 

Your bra straps digging into your shoulders can be caused by a number of factors. Most people occasionally tighten their straps to raise their boobs (don't judge?). This silicone bra shoulder cushion is ideal for addressing the issue.

7. Use moleskin to repair your underwire. 

You wish you'd known about this trick a long time ago! You have no idea how many bras I have discarded because the wire has popped out. And don't tell me I'm the only one who hooked theirs up and is content with it poking you every now and again.

Simply use the moleskin to repair the underwired, it will prevent the wire from poking your chest next time.

Are there any additional bra hacks you know of? Please let us know in the comments section below! Follow up for more beauty tips.

Content created and supplied by: Otunsha (via Opera News )


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