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Dress Styles for Slim Ladies

Most ladies think it is easier for skinny ladies to find clothes than their curvier counterparts because the preferred size for models is slim persons. Truth is, it is just as difficult for them to find the best outfits for their size and shape as a lot of factors have to be considered. The easier part is that the fashion industry has helped create a mindset that is skinny is better but it doesn't mean that they have it all easy with outfit choices, here are a few tips to help find the best fits;

1. Big/Bold Prints: wearing big prints, whether florals or prints will help you appear fuller. You can also wear prints that have spaces between the motif as it will help appear fuller, this is a great visual technique to apply to your everyday outfits which is the perfect effect for any slim figure.

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2. Vertical Stripes: Wearing vertical stripes also gives a slim person a fuller appearance. The best ways to incorporate this into your closet is by owning dresses with vertical stripes or rompers, also tops and bottoms with vertical stripes makes a slim person appear less skinny. These outfits are chic and elegant and can be worn casually or for formal events.

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3. White: White should be a skinny girl's best friend because it has a widening effect and will make you look at least one size bigger. If you’re looking for an effortless skinny girl outfit, a white button-down shirt will be your go-to top. The best thing about button down shirts is the versatility that it offers and that makes it a must-have.

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4. Accessorize with belts: The best characteristic of a skinny girl is her small waist and, the most effective way of showing it off is by wearing a chic belt. It can be a thick or a thin one, colorful or white, but either way the effect is the same: the best accessory that complements clothes for skinny girls.

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Feel free to incorporate any or all of these styles into your everyday look to get the most out of your beautiful figure.

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