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Forget Trousers, See Decent and Smart Skirt Outfit ideas For Godly Ladies. (Photos)

One of the biggest influences on how women should dress today is the fashion industry itself. Every season, it rolls out a new collection that will encourage women to buy a new set of clothes whether they need it or not. There is pressure from society to dress up a certain way, which is also something that can be attributed to the changing fashion trends.


Christianity comes from the word ‘Christ-like’ and any person claiming to be a Christian must be Christ-like. Jesus Christ always cared about other people, making sure that they do not sin because of Him.

A true Christian is always mindful of his/her brother and sister and this is true love.Your dressing can make your brother and sister stumble and sin. If you make your brother or sister sin, it is better if a great millstone were hung around your neck and you were thrown into the sea (according to 1 Cor 8:13).

We have the freedom to dress the way we like but we must beware lest somehow our liberty become a stumbling block to our brothers or sisters. Christian must dress in a manner that reveals/manifests God to the world.If you dress like of the world (you love the world dressing) the love of the Father is not in you.You are the salt of the world and when you mix yourself with the world, you lose flavor hence good for nothing.

As the light of the world, you must dress in a manner that makes human beings on the world glorify your father in heaven; dress in a manner that reveals the light to the world.

Satan has his clothing and fashions. Christians must be able to discern. Before you buy or put on a cloth, look at what it represents. Many cloths are branded with devil worship signs and as you wear them, you become part of the devil worshipers perpetrating and transmitting Satan worship.

Focus on your inner beauty, boost your self worth and dress modestly.

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