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The Origin Of Footwear: The First Shoe Ever Created

It's difficult to imagine what life would have been like if shoes were never created. The creation of shoes started because of the need to protect the feet from harm. This very simple human need turned into a fast growing industry in which design was just as important as functionality. Although the main quality of a footwear has been unchanged, the colour, material and design has been changed over the years.

Shoes were normally made by craftmen, but now it is part of an industry earning huge amount of money each year. During different eras and centuries, there were different views of the world, different understandings of culture and art , different economic and political factors which played a very important role in material, shapes and style used by people. The discovery of new lands and technology changed the style and fashion of the footwear.

The year 1991 is indeed a very important year in history of footwear, because that was the year when an archeologist found, at the boarder of Austria, a naturally mummified human named Oetzi from the stone age , who died about 3300 years ago. This traveler was wearing a shoe made from deerskin with a sole made from bearskin and stuffed with hay as you can see from the picture above. He then came to the conclusion that this is how the stone age version of footwear was designed and that was how the first shoe was created before our time.

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Austria First Shoe Oetzi


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