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How to make your braids last longer and neater

Everyone loves braiding their hair every once in a while but some people never go for it because of the long hours where you have to just sit down and watch.

Braiding is a very good protective style so long as it does not discomfort you in any way.

Another thing is to learn to leave your edges alone. After braiding, you can just style your edges anyhow you want.

What I personally do if I don't want to style my edges is to braid my front hair in a brush style. I just brush my edges back.

How do I make my braids last longer?

If you're making a smaller braid like the tiny ones example knotless braids, you'll have to braid your natural hair first then attach the extension. This will make your braids look flat and seamless and also helps it lasts longer.

If you're going for a bigger braid, use a rubber band first. Get all these tiny black rubber bands.

Section your hair and tie the rubber band firmly at the root of your hair, then you can braid on top of it. This will give your hair a stronger hold. 

If your hair is natural like no relaxer has touched it, you'll need to apply a good hair gel before using the rubber band so that your roots can stay as flat as possible.

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